Dubroc Family


This family session makes me smile so much! I love all the sweet moments, smiles, and laughs we captured! The Dubrocs are friends of ours and this is the 2nd time I've done their family pictures! The last time Brantley was just about to turn one, and now he's an adorable, energetic, talkative, roaring almost three year old! Our session got off to a little bit of a slow start, Brantley was unsure about it all as most kids usually are! Trust me parents, I am used it! It typically takes a little time for kids to warm up to me and start giving some smiles but I have a few tricks up my sleeve! For the Dubroc session my husband tagged along so my tricks were Travis putting a puppy on my head (which he has had to do for multiple sessions actually HA!) and "surprise" tickling me! Hey! Whatever makes your kids smile for your session, I'm willing to do it! I have no shame! :) It ended up being a perfect session on a gorgeous sunny afternoon! I just love summer sunset sessions! 

I so enjoyed photographing the Dubrocs again, and the pizza date after was a plus too! :)
Check out some of my favorite shots!