Happy Birthday Ezra!


So I am pretty sure handsome little Ezra was my first baby to arrive on their actual due date! I had been keeping tabs on Jada for a couple weeks while we both anticipated when Ezra would make his arrival! On the morning of her due date Jada texted me saying she was having contractions and would be heading to the hospital soon! So I got all my gear ready and we texted back and forth throughout the day, when that '5cm dilated' text came I eagerly headed out to the hospital! When I got there I could tell Jada was in alot of pain so I stayed quiet and started documenting! Shortly after that I found out Jada made the decision to go all natural, without an epidural or pain meds! I have crazy respect for a mama who can go through labor without medication! I just think they are superheros! But little man decided he was going to tease us and keep his mama at 9cm for a few hours! Which really makes me think Jada is a superhero cause hey, if you wanna get stuck in natural labor at any point, you DON'T wanna get stuck at 9cm! But Jada was absolutely amazing and had one of the best support systems beside her that I've ever witnessed! It was so beautiful to watch her mom and BJ coach her through her breathing! The two of them never left her side, except for bathroom breaks or to stretch out a bit! Every contraction they held her hands and had cooling rags on her face and neck, and they reminded her to breathe through it! It was so special to witness them all working together to keep her comfortable and calm. When pushing time finally came, everyone was so relieved and it wasn't very long before Ezra made his grand arrival! It was a beautiful day and another beautiful birth to experience! I am so happy Jada & BJ allowed me to be there with them and document their special day!

Check out their birth story below!