Fenetz Family


I’ve been working with the super sweet Fenetz family for a few years now and I truly love hanging out with them each time! I have quite a few families, like the Fenetz crew, that come back to me every year or every other year to update photos! One of my favorite parts of my job is being able to watch families grow in front of my camera, its so special! Some families I’ve worked with from their first pregnancy and continued with family pictures after that, others I’ve met when their family was already started and photographed them as they continued to add on! Another reason I love return clients is because I get to know your family, I get to play with your kids every year, and they get to know me.. and you may not realize how important that is when it comes to their behavior for family pictures! Seeing a familiar face can make all the difference in how the session goes! The Fenetz kids recognized me as soon as I arrived this year and because of that we got to get started right away and skip the phase of warming them up to me! And when little Miss Scarlett wasn’t sure about having her photo taken by herself with all her family around, I was able to pull her aside from everyone else and get the sweetest smiles from her but if I was a stranger that probably would not have worked and mom wouldn’t have gotten those sweet photos of her! While its fun to try out different photographers and different styles, establishing yourself with one photographer really can make a big difference in how your photo shoots go! Find your favorite photographer, see how they vibe with your little ones, and if it works.. well you may find family pictures doesn’t end up being something your family dreads doing! Think about it! And check out this year’s session of the cute Fenetz people! :)