Happy Birthday Gunner!


Sweet Gunner is 1 month old today so I thought it was fitting that I get his birth story up on the blog tonight!

There are some births that I arrive to with many hours of labor ahead and other births where I arrive just in time to start photographing delivery... in Gunner’s case he decided it would be the latter for his arrival! While Lanie labored early on Monday, I decided to spend the afternoon at our local coffee shop which is about 5 minutes from the hospital while waiting for the call to head over! Typically I head to the hospital when moms are around 5cm dilated! We expected his arrival earlier but progress was pretty slow so I continued to sip on coffee and edit the day away! As slow progress continued, I decided I should go ahead and grab an early dinner nearby since it looked like it may end up being a long night. I texted back and forth with Lanie for updates, and she encouraged me not to rush and let me know she had just been checked and had just reached 5cm. So I quickly grabbed something to eat and prepared to head to the hospital when Lanie texted me shortly after to say they would be pushing soon! Sometimes it happens that way, like 0-60 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. So I jetted off from the restaurant to the hospital, still only 5 minutes away. When I arrived the nurses were setting up for delivery, Lanie & Casey were all smiles and eagerly awaiting the arrival of their little boy, and a few pushes later Gunner made his grand arrival just before 5:30pm! Shortly after, his big sister Jenci arrived to finally meet her baby brother! While Jenci was so excited to be a big sister, sometimes older siblings are a little unsure about all the activity on that day! But we still got some sweet shots with her and I am certain she is such a great big sister today! I love doing birth stories at our local small town hospital because the energy is so much calmer, relaxed, and quieter! The Ortegos were such a sweet family to share this special day with! I am so happy they allowed me to document their family growing! Here is Gunner’s birth story!