Happy Birthday Kaydence!


I am so excited to finally get these up on the blog! My friend (who I now believe has super powers) had her sweet baby girl last week and I was there to capture the whole thing! After spending the day/evening together on Saturday and all seemed calm, Sunday morning I got a text from Kristian saying she had been having contractions throughout the morning! I got sooo excited, got all my gear ready to go, and set my bag at the door and waited! Eventually Kristian said contractions had slacked off and we were like womp womp... false alarm! Well contractions started back up that evening and Kristian went into the hospital around 6, by around 7:40 she had gone from 3cm to 6cm!! So I basically ran out of my house (leaving the chicken I had just cooked and not eaten out on the table haha) and once I made it to the hospital, everything continued very slowly from there. The night went by pretty quick and we were in the morning hours when things started really progressing on! Her water broke, she was at 8cm, and it was almost baby time! Let me just say that my friend had NO epidural and went all natural, hence the super powers comment above ;) she pushed for almost 2 hours and at 4am baby Kaydence was finally here and one of the cutest babies I've ever seen!

What I love so much about shooting births is the rawness and real emotion captured. I also love being a storyteller through photographs. This is the 4th birth I've shot and for everyone I have cried through the lens! I love it so much!

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