Happy Birthday Noah!


When I talk about being a birth photographer, one of the main things you'll hear me say is that I love it because its different every time.. each birth story is completely different from the last! The Fontenot Birth story fulfilled two firsts for me, it was my first gender reveal at birth and my first time photographing a c-section! Although a c-section was not part of Lauren hopeful plan, I am glad I was able to be a part of it and experience birth in another form! Often I get people who ask me if I do c-sections? The answer to me is SO obvious to me, YES! A c-section is birth, all births are special! Another fun fact about their delivery was it set my new record for hours awake... which was 39 hours total with the exception of two very light 20 minute cat naps! But my exhaustion was the least of my thoughts that day, my sweet clients who were powering through their own exhaustion through hours of long labor and worry as so much time went by without progress! Lauren & Ryan were such a beautiful team, through the entire length of labor. Ryan was such an incredible support next to his wife, it was inspiring to watch him tending to her needs constantly and trying to relieve her pain and stress however he could.

By the end of their second day in the hospital, Lauren's doctor decided that a c-section was going to be the best option at this point. Though emotionally drained and a bit scared these two smiled and took on this change in plans excitedly! But that night around 7:45pm, one week past his due date, Noah Grant made his grand arrival. I totally cried with the Fontenots when their doctor told them ITS A BOY! I have to say that was one of the most exciting moments in my career! And then Ryan revealing the gender to his family was another super exciting moment! The joy, love, and excitement present within this family was so evident and I'm glad I got to witness it! It was a beautiful experience all together and left me feeling grateful that I get to be a part of such beautiful, intimate moments with my clients and getting to document them so they can treasure them forever is an added bonus. So without further ado, here is the Fontenot Birth Story!