Tony Cobb | Musician


Tony is a family friend and an incredibly talented artist! Seriously, this guy can sing and play guitar so smooth you just want to hear more! I've actually never seen him perform in a public setting (eager to change that), but I've watched him play some acoustic in a private setting while we were in Austin, TX and it was nothing short of mesmerizing! Anyway, I was so eager & excited to get Tony in front of my camera! I knew I wanted to shoot a little different for his photos, to create a moody, jazz feel with a little mix of my usual style! We met in downtown Crowley and had a super laidback and fun shoot! Tony played some guitar tunes and I just photographed away! It's so fun and refreshing to step outside of your usual every now and then and try something a little different.

Tony has a new album coming out in June called Leave Behind A Song, check him out on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

We also set a little time aside to take photos of Tony & his girlfriend Maria! Hopefully their photos will be up in their new home soon!