Happy Birthday BreAnn!


Little Miss BreAnn Camille made her grand arrival very unexpectedly on the morning before her momma was scheduled to be induced! I ran into her mom and dad two days before her scheduled date and we all casually said see you Friday… but BreAnn had her own plans in mind! Rachelle’s water broke early Thursday morning, I knew it before I even opened my eyes when I woke up to my birth client ringtone going off. I headed off to the hospital shortly after they left home and when I got there progress was well on its way! BreAnn’s big sister & brother, Aisley & Beaux, were there also anticipating her arrival! Aisley & Beaux were actually the first two deliveries I ever photographed and that’s where my passion for birth photography began! Rachelle & I have been friends since childhood so its been extra special to be there, witness, and document the births of all of her children! So back to BreAnn, just a few short hours after arriving at the hospital Rachelle was complete and we were just waiting for her doctor to arrive for delivery… but once again BreAnn had her own plans! She was crowning and not waiting another minute for her doctor arrive! The skilled nurses in the room had to make a decision to deliver BreAnn and just a few minutes later her doctor walked in! All in all it was another beautiful, unique birth to be a part of! I will forever be grateful for the Manuels asking me to photograph their first born years ago and sparking my love for documenting these beautiful moments! Congratulations to the Manuel family, now party of 5!