Kolbi + Jed | Chicot State Park


First off, the whole time I shot & edited this session I was unintentionally grinning ear to ear! Kolbi & Jed are such a sweet couple, you would think they were just newlyweds, but they've actually been together for many years and married for almost 3 years. When Kolbi & I were talking about planning their session she told me she wanted to do a cozy/casual session at Chicot State Park, which made me so excited because I had been wanting to do a really sweet couple session at Chicot for a while now! When we met up at the park, Kolbi & Jed were so friendly, and all smiles right away, so I knew it was gonna be a great session! They trusted me and let me take the lead, ummm and they brought a dog... which led me to the conclusion that they would be the best kind of clients! They snuggled up alot, they laughed and smiled at each other so much, and they toughed out the Louisiana winter heat... yea thats right it was near the 80s on a mid-January day!

We had such a casual, laidback session and I really enjoyed meeting these two!
So check out some of my favorite shots!