Happy Birthday Emmett!


I am so happy to have another beautiful birth story to share with you guys here on my blog! As you guys know I am just getting into birth photography, Sweet Emmett was my 6th birth story to photograph and this birth went a little differently than the births that I had been used to but it was special for me to get to experience a birth in a different way. Emmett kept us waiting and anticipating as he was my first overdue arrival. He finally graced the Roberts with his presence 10 days after his due date. Anna was induced and after 24 hours of labor and very slow progession, her doctor decided that a c-section would be the safest option. So Emmett was also my first c-section birth! I've had alot of people ask me 'what happens if I have to have a c-section' and my response will always be c-sections are births too and it changes nothing for me, I am still there to document your day just as I would for a natural birth! Although I was not able to be in the surgery room, I think I still captured the story of Emmett's big arrival! Anna & Richard are such a sweet couple and after spending that day with them I felt like I had known them longer than a few hours! There were so many sweet moments, smiles, tears, and laughs that day and I am so happy I was able to be there to capture these perfect memories! My favorite parts of the day were when they all prayed together! Emmett is so lucky to have such wonderful parents and I hope one day I can have them all in front of my camera again!

So here is a look at the Roberts Birth Story!

Anna & Richard booked "Our Whole Birth Story" which included their birth story with me and a newborn session with my incredibly talented friend Natasha Fontenot Photography. Here are a few of Emmett's newborn pictures from their shoot!