Marley Jo's Sunflower Session


So very excited to have sweet Marley Jo on the blog today! I couldnt wait to edit this session! As you guys know, last summer was SUPER rainy in Louisiana so I was unable to shoot in the sunflower fields! I was so sad about that so this year I was determind to do atleast one shoot! So I snagged my gorgeous niece Marley one afternoon last week! This shoot completely surpassed the vision I had for it in my head! Marley is one of the best little models I have ever photographed, and that is not a biased opinion! She did every pose and move I requested so completely effortlessly and naturally! My vision for this shoot was very easy, summery, organic, with her dirty bare feet, natural messy hair, sticky skin and all... just everything you'll see below! I love the organic feel of her hair blowing across her face in the wind, I just love the feels of this whole shoot! It was super last minute as we were waiting for the rain & dark clouds to go away and it was NOON and SO hot! I never shoot that early but I wanted to shoot the flowers so bad, there was rain chances that evening and the next day, and I was leaving to go out of town for the weekend so we just went for it! The timing paired with a decision to use a lens I rarely use really allowed me to challenge myself, which is something every artist needs to do every now and then to refresh their minds! All in all this session came out more perfect than I envisioned! So excited to share some of my favorite shots with you!