Happy Birthday Murphy!


The McCabe birth story was my very first home birth, and I am so joyed to share it here with you all! I was so excited when Chelsea first contacted me to book her birth story! This was their second home birth, and their second baby boy! I was so intrigued and curious about the process of a home birth and it was just as beautiful as I expected it to me! Chelsea and Joey were such an incredible team throughout the night! Joey rarely left her side, he coached and held her through contractions, and caught little Murphy himself in delivery! And Chelsea was absolutely superhuman, she was so calm and focused throughout the night, using her breathing techniques to get through contractions! It was just a beautiful experience to watch and document the two of them so connected and working together to get through labor! Carissa with Peak Midwifery also guided Chelsea throughout the night, she and her assistant were also an incredible team!

I loved being able to witness an all natural birthing experience, and I think this was the perfect story for my first time! So many thanks to the McCabes for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful day!