Taylor + Brandn Plantation Engagement


I was very happy to hear from Taylor about booking a couple shoot for her & her boyfriend Brandn! I’ve known Taylor since she was young and I did her senior pictures a few years ago! Taylor & Brandn wanted to do a couple session on the day of their anniversary and Taylor really wanted a plantation style! After alot of discussion back and forth and almost a last minute change due to the weather, we ended up at Greenwood Plantation which is one of my absolute favorite locations to shoot! Even if its not for a photoshoot, you should visit and tour Greenwood plantation! Anyway, what Taylor didn’t know was Brandn and I had been talking and made a plan for him to propose that day! The plan was that I would set them up in a pose holding hands facing each other, and our code phrase for the proposal would be I would tell Taylor to look at Brandn (for a shot) and when I said that he would go down on one knee! But to get warmed up, and hopefully help Brandn’s nerves, we started in their more casual outfit and shot in that for a little while! Then I had them change into their more dressy outfit. Taylor told me the oaks were her favorite part of Greenwood so I decided that’s where we would do the proposal! We walked out under the trees, I set them up in the pose, said the code phrase, and down Brandn went! The funny part is at first Taylor fussed Brandn cause she didn’t know why he wasn’t staying in the pose I put them in, then she realized what was happening! I loved being a part of this special moment and loved photographing these two! Taylor & Brandn are such a sweet couple, which you will clearly see in these photos! The way they look at each other and laugh with each other is so beautiful! I think to meet and fall in love at a young age is such a beautiful thing, to learn about life and grow up with each other is so special and creates a strong bond like no other! I’ve always wished my husband and I had met younger so we could have been together longer!

Congratulations to Taylor & Brandn and I wish the two of you a full lifetime of happiness! And hopefully more photoshoots in your future! :) Keep laughing together always!