Happy Birthday Vincent!


In keeping with the theme that every one of my birth stories is completely different, here is the Lemaire Family Birth Story! First of all, Alayna & Jeremy are one of the sweetest couples I've ever worked with! Their story of re-establishing their faith in their journey to get pregnant is so inspiring and beautiful!

Alayna's water broke over 2 weeks early and she was just so cool, calm, and collected that day (her due date is actually this Saturday!). My little sister was being confirmed on the evening that Alayna went into labor, and I was planning to have to miss the confirmation due to Alayna being in labor but she convinced me to still go. She told me that our faith is important and she just had a feeling that I needed to be there with my sister. I was super moved by that gesture but still nervous about it. So I made it to my sister's confirmation and jetted off as soon as she was confirmed to meet the LeMaires! While I was on my way, she made a quick progression and when I made it to the hospital Alayna was 10cm, crowning, and just waiting for the doctor to arrive.. still just as cool, calm, and collected with a smile on her face. The doctor made it about 10 minutes after I did and it was baby time! Due to a previous condition Alayna's doctor did not want her to do much pushing, so with one very gentle push baby Vinny made his grand arrival. 

My favorite part of this birth story was the moment Vinny's big sister Jillian got to meet him! Jillian was so emotional, you could just see in her eyes as she teared up how much she loved him already! She was so curious and had so many questions about her brother and her mommy! And she was so heartbreakingly sad when she had to leave her baby brother and mom & dad to go home and get some sleep! My second favorite part was how faith played such a big role in this birth story in more ways than one! I'm so thankful that the Lemaires chose me to document this beautiful day!